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Treat Yo’ Self: 17 First Valentine’s Day Gifts For New Parents (Because You Deserve It)
by Anjerika Wilmer

January 24, 2020

Updated January 16, 2021


Valentine’s Day gift ideas for new parents — or for expecting parents — are usually a little different from what they were B.C. (before children). For one, when it comes to celebrating, there may be less imbibing (albeit, still some imbibing — unless you’re preggo) because ain’t nobody got time for a hangover at 6 am. For another, you may swap romantic gifts for sentimental gifts, and there might even include a sweet surprise from Baby to Mom or Dad. And perhaps you’ll get some Valentine’s Day presents for the kids, especially if you have an older child in your crew. So while you may find yourself shopping for Disney character stuffies instead of sexy underthings, this is the first V-Day with your new bundle of joy — you deserve to do something special (pandemic be damned!).

It’s no secret that everything (yes, err’thang) changes once you have kids. But, Mom and Dad, don’t forget to treat yourselves, even if it involves the whole family. So, here’s a Valentine’s Day idea: Surprise your partner with a present or two from this gift guide, which was curated with new parents in mind. And, if you’re staying in, consider enjoying some takeout and queue up a kid-friendly flick on Disney+ to commemorate the occasion. Yes, it may be a family affair, but you’re the reason they’re here — and that’s something to celebrate.


Mommy’s Time-Out Wine Bottle Label Stickers, Set of 4

The next time you feel like you need a “time-out” from #MomLife (cleaning up vomit, no thanks), treat yo’ self to some grown-up mommy juice. These label stickers are too funnay… when accompanied by a bottle of red wine, this gift is guaranteed to lend some comic relief. PSA: Not for expecting moms (yet … sorry!).



Corkcicle Triple Insulated Stemless Glass

This “mommy juice” (or daddy juice) receptacle is ideal for three reasons: One, any drink will stay the perfect temp for hours, whether it’s hot or cold; two, it’s shatter-proof; three, it comes with a lid, meaning it’s travel-friendly (for non- alcoholic beverages, of course) and won’t spill everywhere when it *inevitably* tips over. If you get one for your partner, you better grab one for yourself to avoid bickering over who gets to use the “good cup.” You’re welcome.

$27.95 AT AMAZONpage4image1721856


All-New Echo Dot (4th Gen.) with Clock

“Alexa, give me 8 hours of sleep!” We kid, we kid, but while Amazon’s virtual assistant can’t give you the snoozy refresh you desperately crave (siiiiiiigh), she can do just about everything else. If you don’t have a smart hub, it’ll change your world, and when you start using Alexa to play music, make lists, set reminders, and re-order Amazon essentials (hands- free!), you’ll wonder how you ever lived without her. We like the Echo Dot with a clock to use in the nursery or bedroom, but you can get the basic version without a clock for $10 cheaper.

$39.99 AT AMAZON


Baby Board Book

Oh, baby! What a year it’s been as first-time parents. Insert “scared sh*tless” emoji here. Fill this baby board book from Artifact Uprising with your favorite (perhaps, not necessarily the most Instagrammable—but authentic) everyday moments from the past year. Time really does fly when you’re raising a human. This is a sweet gift from Baby to Mom or Dad, and will encourage story time moments to share together!



Chain Link Monogram Necklace

So sweet. So simple. A fellow mom (Anthropologie shopper) said: “I’ve been wanting a necklace for my kids’ initial—they all have a name beginning with C—so when I saw this I thought it was cute and it is. I love it.” Awww, we agree.



Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

How many times have you brewed your morning coffee only to get sidetracked by baby’s screeches? Well, say no more. This smart mug contains a temperature control band that allows you to adjust to the *perfect* temperature. Imagine this: A cuppa tea (or coffee) that stays heated from the first sip to the last. Mind = blown.

$174.99 AT AMAZON


RiLEY Luxe Cashmere Wool Throw

Remember having nice things? (*Sniff*) Gift your SO a taste of that pre-kid luxe life with this high-class cashmere/wool throw from RiLEY. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s lightweight but warm, and big enough for cuddling when you’re watching movies together in bed. To be clear: This is for YOUR BEDROOM ONLY! Do NOT leave it in the living room, you WILL regret it. Consider yourself warned.



Oradina Open Your Heart 14k Gold Studs

Eep! These delicate 14k gold heart studs from Oradina are guaranteed to rack up the compliments every time you put them on. No shame, Mama, if you add these to the cart without the hubs knowing. Goodness knows you’ve earned it.



Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

Ah, the epitome of coffee royalty for new parents who are fueled by caffeine. Keurig’s K-Cafe Coffee Maker can help you make coffeehouse-quality cappuccinos and lattes (as well as a regular ol’ cup of joe) right at home. At over 13,000 Amazon ratings and a 4.7 average star rating, it’s also a smart bet. Consider this your gift to each other, and the gift that’ll keep on giving (and giving, and giving …).

$169.99 AT AMAZON


Purity Organic Sleep Camomile Tea

Recall that thing we said earlier about imbibing less … well, you and your boo can still take the edge off in the evening with a soothing mug of Purity Organic tea. It’s infused with 15mg of broad spectrum CBD (meaning zero THC) and includes herbals to promote relaxation before you drift into dreamland. No, it may not be the buzzing V-day beverage you used to enjoy, but it will help you chill, achieve better sleep (barring a midnight wake-up call from BB, of course), and you won’t regret drinking it, come morning. Sorry, pregnant and breastfeeding moms — CBD products are not recommended for you.



Floating Picture Frame

Time to get that family portrait on the wall and in a *nice* frame. This pick from Artifact uprising is super sleek, modern, and goes with just about any decor. Choose from black or bronze bolts for the finishing touch. It comes in a bunch of large sizes, from 12 by 14 inches to 42 by 30 inches.

$79 AT ARTIFACT UPRISING Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Expecting Parents

SOM + Co 2021 Est Pregnancy Gift

An adorable gift for parents-to-be, get yourselves some mom, dad, and baby swag on your last Valentine’s Day before your bundle of joy arrives. This set comes with something for everyone: Coffee mugs for Mom and Dad (you’ll use ’em), and a onesie and bib for BB. Aww!

$30.99 AT AMAZON



Dearfoam Papa Bear Slippers

We know pregnant mamas will appreciate a comfy pair of slipper for her aching, swollen feet, but Papas will also want to keep their toesies toasty. Gift each other these super-popular Dearfoam slippers, which come in Papa Bear and Mama Bear styles — oh, and you should probably grab a fuzzy-wuzzy pair of Baby Bear slippers too (pictured in feature image … *squeee!*). Enjoy relaxing in them now, Moms and Dads, because you’ll be fumbling for them during those middle-of-the-night feedings before long.

$29.99 AT AMAZON


Personalized Storybook Pillow Legend

Keepsake baby trinkets are thoughtful especially for expecting moms (see, we didn’t forget about you!) but ornaments and mugs are so 2020. Enter a personalized pillow inspired by your favorite storybook classics (think along the lines of Winnie the Pooh and Curious George). While the parents’ names will appear as the “authors” of the book, your newborn will be turned into an illustrated legendary hero.

$120 AT UNCOMMONGOODSpage17image1735872page17image1736064


Tiary It’s A Girl Thing Charm

We love the idea of gifting the mama in your life a customized piece that reflects her first year of motherhood. Not only is this girl charm (don’t worry, they have a boy one, too) super heartfelt but it’s the perfect addition to a simple chain bracelet or necklace they may already have.

$85 AT TIARYpage18image1625088page18image1627584


Delicate Initial Disc Necklace

When it comes to gifting moms, whether they’re new on the job or 30-year veterans, you can’t go wrong with personalized jewelry. That said, this customizable piece is a thoughtful pre-push present and is available in silver, yellow gold, or rose gold plated. It can have up to seven charms, so Mom can wear the initials of herself, Baby, and the entire family close to her heart.

$19.50 AT AMAZON

18.01.21, 10:42page20image16606352

CREATOR Memories Custom Acrylic 3D Photo

The most precious photos shouldn’t be on a phone … they should be on display! As the happy parents (or parents-to- be), gift yourselves a uniquely framed memory that’ll look great on a mantle, book shelf, or desk. Waiting on Baby? Pick a precious maternity photo that’ll always remind you of this magical time. You can also get a cool acrylic frame that has a similar effect for displaying your favorite print, plus it can be swapped out.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

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