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Overview of CBD infused coffee and tea, as well as CBD sleep aids.


Those looking for a natural way to remain calm and relaxed during this holiday season should consider adding CBD to their diet. In the morning, consider combining caffeine and CBD for a delightful uplifting buzz followed by an non-caffeinated CBD infused delightful drink. 

Photo Credits: Purity Organic, Harney & Sons, Common Ground, Sweet Reason, Kannaway


The Hemp Division

Harney & Sons’ new sister company The Hemp Division features a wide variety of tea and CBD blends ranging from hot and ice teas to sparkling beverages. Among their more popular items include their Chamomile Mint sachets (16mg CBD), Cinnamon Spice black tea (8mg CBD) and Turmeric Ginger (9mg CBD). Their other CBD offerings include Golden Milk, a powder filled with powerful herbs and adaptogens like turmeric and ginger that can be mixed in with the milk of one’s choice.

Purity Organic

From Purity Organic comes Purity Organic CBD tea (15mg CBD per tea bag). Available in four flavors: English Breakfast Tea, SLEEP Chamomile Tea, REVIVE Earl Grey Tea, and FOCUS Green Tea & Lemon.

Common Ground

Common Ground wellness CBD organic teas provide 50mg CBD in each bag. Choose from Relaxation Herbal, Masala Chai, Sencha Green, and Earl Gray.

Sweet Reason

Those looking for a sparkling non-alcoholic beverage should check out Sweet Reason’s Evening Blend made with calming herbs including ashwagandha, ginseng, l-theanine, chamomile, sceletium, lemon balm and limonene, all in effective, therapeutic dosages, adaptogens + 30mg of broad spectrum hemp extract. Choose from Peach Jasmine, Plum Blush, and Citrus Spice. 


CBD Coffee, Tee Holiday Gift Guide 2020
Photo Credits: Green Roads, Buddha Brothers Coffee Co., Ott Coffee, Kannaway

Green Roads

Green Roads’ CBD Columbia Coffee is highlighting by 10mg CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids. Available in original Founders’ Blend, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut. They also have a chamomile & peppermint CBD Tea for a relaxing way to end the day. 

Buddha Beans® Coffee Co

Those with a hankering for single origin coffee should check out the offerings from Buddha Beans® Coffee Co. They offer CBD infused coffee using beans from Burundi, Colombia (also available in decaf), Ella Rose Roast, Ethiopia, or Mexico. A 12 oz. bag contains 300mg CBD with smaller sampler bags available for some varieties. 

Ott Coffee

Wake up with Ott Coffee’s productivity series formula, a medium roast coffee blended with notes of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla flavors. Wind down at the end of the day with their relaxation series formula, medium roast coffee blend with smooth notes of caramel, chocolate, and fruity flavors. Each serving contains 25mg CBD.


Kannaway’s CBD French Roast Coffee contains Arabica coffee beans with notes of fruit and caramel blended with 10 mg of CBD and packed into recyclable single-serve pods, minimizing environmental impact. In addition, their Red Rooibos Herbal Tea comes in a recyclable single-serve pods and has the naturally sweet taste of rooibos and citrus and 10mg CBD. Also, they offer protein shakes made with a superfood mix of highly-bioavailable finely-ground whole hemp hearts and hemp protein isolate that are available in Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Creme Brûlée.


Photo Credits: 1906, Calm by Wellness, Gaia Herbs, Level Select CBD, Peak Extracts, B Great, Soar

For those who need a bit of help getting a good night’s sleep during this stressful holiday season, here’s some options containing CBD. 


1906’s Midnight Drops, chocolates, and pills contain 5mg THC/5mg CBD along with botanicals, herbs, adaptogens, and other natural plant-based ingredients. Currently, these products can be found throughout CO and OK. 

Calm By Wellness

Calm By Wellness Evening Recovery tincture (blueberry lavender) made with organic full-spectrum hemp (1000mg CBD and 90mg CBN per one ounce bottle) and reinforced with therapeutic botanicals and adaptogens such as hops and ashwagandha.

Hemp & Herbs

Hemp & Herbs Sleep capsules (20mg CBD per serving) from Gaia Herbs combine full spectrum Hemp extract with herbs such as hops and California poppy that help support a full night’s rest.

Level Zzz

Level Zzz CBD Oil Drops encourage sleep due to 40mg of CBD and 3mg melatonin per dose coupled with a soothing vanilla flavor. 

Peak Extracts

Peak Extracts’ THC-free CBD/CBN tincture (969mg CBD, 60mg CBN) contains only hemp flower extract and MCT coconut oil and is designed for relaxation at night. 


For those who prefer energy drinks, B GREAT’s passion fruit-flavored Relax Shots contain 20MG of full-spectrum hemp along with melatonin, gingko biloba, and lavender water for a very powerful and effective sleep aid.


SOAR’s Sleep Secured CBN Tincture (500mg CBD and 150mg CBN) synergizes the perfect ratio of broad spectrum CBD, CBN, and melatonin to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

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