Five Helpful Tips for a Better Sleep Routine

Waking up in the morning energized and ready to seize the day… who wouldn’t want that?! 

More productivity!

More balance!

More joy!

Getting enough rest is critical to feel alert and fresh throughout the day. If you want help falling (and staying) asleep for eight full hours each night, here are 5 unique ways to enhance your nightly routine! 

1. Set Up a Cozy Sleep Space

Having a cozy sleep space that you are excited about seems to be a no-brainer, but here are a couple steps to making your bedroom the place where you can’t wait to finish your day.

  • Make it a screen-free zone. Even bolded, this is an underrated practice! The blue light from screens, especially in the hour before bed, can delay your body’s production of melatonin and decrease the time you spend in REM sleep.
  • Shut your door & find your ideal room temperature – a room that is on the cooler side can help you stay asleep for longer stretches of time. Who also doesn’t love cuddling up with a cozy blanket?!
  • Dim your lights & light a candle – we love lavender, rose or sandalwood to help us feel ready for sleep.
  • Choose a good book – having a fun read before bed that doesn’t make you think too hard, but allows your mind to sink into the story and further relaxation! Why do you think bedtime stories were our favorite part of childhood?

2. Take a Bath

To help relax your mind and gain clarity before turning in at night, unwind with a warm bath. This may not be an every night routine, but being intentional about setting aside a night a week for self-love is crucial. Running a bubble bath may help you wind down and get ready for eight uninterrupted hours of blissful rest. Whether this is a break from the craziness of kids or family, or a way to detox from the stresses of life, a night to yourself is a must.

You can get creative with different bath salts or bath bombs that can be added to the water. We especially enjoy ones with lavender scents and Dead Sea or Himalayan salt. If ambiance is important to help you relax, a complimentary candle is the perfect addition!

3. Drink a Cup of Hot CBD Tea

Drinking hot tea is a practice tried and true for a better sleep routine. One idea you may not have thought of though… CBD hot tea! These hot teas that were created to bring you balance at all times of the day. They have 4 varieties, each enhanced with 15mg of CBD.

  • Wake up easier with English Breakfast.
  • Take on all your day has for you with FOCUS Green Tea & Lemon.
  • Get your afternoon pick-me-up with REVIVE Earl Grey Tea.
  • Fall into a restful and calm state of mind with SLEEP Chamomile Tea.

Although SLEEP Chamomile tea is the perfect addition to your nightly routine, creating a consistent routine of drinking these teas throughout your day can create a healthy balance of wellness. Clearing your mind and relieving the stress that you may be facing is key for maintaining pure rest all night long.

4. Exercise in the Morning

A healthy day-to-day lifestyle can do so much for people who want to be able to experience deep sleep night in and night out. If you want to create a better sleep routine, you should try to squeeze in exercise sessions several mornings a week, even if they are for 15-30 minutes each. Increasing your heart rate early in the morning will help stimulate your mind and body, creating energy and alertness.

It is important that these exercises are in the morning (as opposed to the evening), as exercising releases endorphins that give you heightened energy and focus. This increase in energy early in the day will create a healthy decrease in energy as the day goes on, and ultimately, lead to better sleep.

5. Be Consistent Regarding Your Schedule

Consistency is KEY. Have you heard that before? That’s because it is true. You should try your best to be as consistent with your sleep routine as possible. Aim to wake up at the same time in the morning daily and aim to go to bed at the same time nightly as well. This will help to train your mind and body when it is time to be awake and energized, as well as when it is time to wind down and go to sleep.

Integrate these practices into your daily routine and take time to reflect on how you see yourself finding balance in more and more areas of your life. 


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