Questions about CBD

Will CBD make me high?

No. CBD is non-intoxicating and delivers many therapeutic benefits without any feelings of being high.

Do Your Products Contain THC?

No. All of our products are made with CBD that has 0% THC.

Does Purity Organic CBD Teas use bleach free tea bags?  

Yes, all of our Purity Organic CBD Teas come in bleach free tea bags. 

What is the expiration date for Purity Organic CBD Tea?  

For optimum freshness and effect, use within 2 years.

How should I store my Purity Organic CBD Tea?

We recommend storing your Purity Organic CBD Tea in a cool place away from light and heat.

What ingredients are in the Purity Organic CBD Tea?

English Breakfast Tea:  Organic Black Tea and Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Extract.

SLEEP Chamomile Tea:  Organic Chamomile, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Lavender and Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Extract.

REVIVE Earl Grey Tea:  Organic Black Tea, Organic Bergamot Oil, and Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Extract.

FOCUS Green Tea & Lemon:  Organic Green Tea, Organic Lemongrass, and Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Extract.

How should I prepare my Purity Organic CBD Tea?  

Use one tea bag per cup of fresh boiling water.  Cover and steep for 4-6 minutes.  

How do I prepare Purity Organic CBD Tea as a cold beverage?  

Use one tea bag per cup of fresh boiling water.  Cover and steep for 4-6 minutes.  Remove tea bag and pour over ice.

How many cups of Purity Organic CBD Tea can I drink in a day?  

You can drink as many cups a day as you like.

How many tea bags can I use in one cup of Purity Organic CBD Tea?  

We recommend using one tea bag per cup.  You may use more than one tea bag to get to your desired strength and flavor.

Can my children drink Purity Organic CBD Teas?

We recommend consumption by adults 18 years of age or older.

Are Purity Organic CBD Teas Lab-Tested? 

All Purity Organic CBD Teas are tested by an independent third party to ensure the highest quality and 0% THC. You can find our test results at 

Will I test positive on a drug test? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) shouldn’t show up on a drug test. Purity Organic CBD Teas are third party tested to ensure they contain 0% THC.

Do you offer free shipping? 

We offer free shipping for orders over $30 before sales tax is added.

What payment options can I use?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

What is the process for receiving my order once I submit it?  

Once your order is submitted, you will receive an order confirmation email within an hour.  Check your Junk/Spam email folders, as the order confirmation may go there. The order is processed through our Fulfillment Center and shipped within 2 to 3 business days after being received. Once your order ships and our systems are updated, you will receive a shipping notification and tracking email.  Again, this email may go to your Junk/Spam email folders.  Orders are shipped USPS First Class Mail and are generally delivered 3-4 days after the shipment date.

When will my order be shipped?  

Items generally ship 2-3 business days after receipt of the order.  Orders are shipped USPS First Class Mail and are generally delivered 3-4 days after the shipment date.  

What shipping service is used for orders?  

All orders are shipped First Class Mail through the United States Postal Service.

What does order status ‘Completed’ mean?  

Once your order ships, the order status in your account changes from Processing to Completed.  Once our systems are updated, a shipment confirmation email with tracking information will be sent.  This email may go to your Junk/Spam folder.

How will this charge appear on my credit card statement?  

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What are your Customer Service hours?

Our team is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 am till 4:00 pm, Pacific time.  We are closed on National holidays.  You can also reach us via email at  Phone messages and emails are responded to in 1-2 business days. Our Customer Service phone number is (833)-4MY-CBDT (1-833-469-2238).              

What is your Return Policy?  

We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our products. We work hard to ensure Purity Organic CBD Teas are formulated with the highest quality ingredients to deliver the benefits.  If the product still does not meet your expectations, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all our products.  To start the return process, please contact us at (833)-4MY-CBDT (1-833-469-2238) or click here within 30 days of delivery of your product.

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